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Welcome to Concierge Pediatrics

A concierge program is a partnership between your family and your Pediatrician, that starts with you getting to know each other.

By enrolling your family, you interact with your Private Pediatrician, without all the layers of interference found at a more impersonal multi partner practice. You receive more one on one time with your Pediatrician, enhancing communications and improving your overall quality of healthcare.

What is a Hybrid Concierge Model?

A hybrid concierge program is where the Physician continues to see all patients and will allocate a portion of each day to the Concierge patients.

Can this level of service be given to the whole family?

Yes, you have the choice of covering just your children ages 0 -21y or your whole family.

What does it cost to join the Concierge Pediatrics Practice?

There is an economical monthly fee for membership. The membership fees for Personal care at Concierge Pediatrics is easily paid with a monthly withdrawal from a major credit card or debit card.

Does the visit need to be in person?

No. All visits will be by Televisit, or text messaging. In the rare occasion where an office visit is needed, one will be arranged with Dr Ajoku

lWhy Should I Choose a Concierge Pediatric Practice for My Family?

1. Direct Primary Care gives you 24/7 access to Dr Ajoku's personal cell phone, email and text messaging

2. Personalized Medicine gives you punctual and unhurried


3. Same day appointments, in most cases

4. If your children need to see a specialist, Dr Ajoku will coordinate the referral, correspond with the specialist and work with you to manage your children's care

5.Prompt follow up and explanations of all tests, lab work and report

6.Electronic medication refill request

7. Lifestyle counseling for members, as appropriate

8. Expert guidance through the maze of today's complex medical system

9. Discussions about all the recommended immunizations and discussions with parents that want exemption certificates for immunization

10. Patient Portal: 24/ 7 access to your children's medical records

11. On line access to your Children's immunization records

12. Your family is our priority

How Do I enroll In the Concierge Pediatrics with Dr Ajoku ?

Call (954)473 2128

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