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Televisit Pediatrics

How will you like to consult with the Pediatrician in the comfort of your home using Live Video ?


Telemedicine is a technology that allows us to bridge the gap between online visit to a Pediatrician and the long hours you might spend between traffic and the waiting room of a Pediatricians office.

You may be at home with your sick child or be anywhere you choose and you will be able to evisit with Dr. Ajoku

The telehealth appointment is as private as if you were in the Doctor's Office. We use a secure software to connect you to the Pediatrician on line. You will be able to see and hear each other during the on line appointment. You will be able to talk about the diagnosis and treatment plans with the Doctor.

The Tele Pediatrician will diagnose your child's symptoms, prescribe medication, and send prescriptions by eRX to your Pharmacy of choice.

When Can I Use e visit ?

1. Your child is not feeling well but you prefer not to spend hours getting to your Pediatrician's office or the Urgent care

2. Your child does not have a primary care physician

3. You want to have more than 5 minutes with a compassionate Pediatrician who truly cares and is able to pay full attention to your child

4. Your child has a fever, cough, cold, eye, ear or skin infection

5. You called your primary Pediatrician's office and cannot get a same day appointment

6. Your child has a non emergency medical condition which you need to discuss with a knowledgeable board certified Pediatrician

7. You want a Care on Demand for your child's symptom

Is Televisit appropriate for every medical condition ?

No. Televisit is designed to handle non emergency medical services. In case of a life threatening emergency, you should call 911 immediately

A Virtual Care Pediatrics appointment can sometimes take the place of consulting at a Doctor's Office, Urgent care or Emergency room.

The Most Common Conditions treated by e visit

- Acne

- Allergies

- Constipation

- Cough

- Diarrhea

- Ear problems

- Fever

- Flu

- Headache

- Insect bite

- Nausea/ Vomiting

- Pink eyes

- Rash

- Respiratory congestion

- Sore throat

- Vaginitis



1. Enroll by calling (954)473 2128. Enrollment is hassle free and can be done in a few minutes.

2. Download Healow App and start your virtual visit

3. Feel Better- get treatment for a variety of conditions and start to feel better

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